PROUDLY SERVING: Walden Bottle Depot services South Calgary and Surrounding Area
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19618 Walden Blvd SE Calgary, AB T2X 0M7

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Bottle Recycling Depot For Calgary SE And SW Communities

How do I recycle bottles, cans, and beverage containers in an environmentally friendly way?
Bring your recyclables to Walden bottle recycling depot to get a reimbursement in cash.

How can I schedule a drop-off time?
You can call at 403-930-6761 or contact our bottle recycling depot.

Is it necessary for me to sort my bottles?
You are not required to do so when visiting Walden bottle depot. Instead, we’ll handle the sorting so you can focus on recycling.

What are the percentages of refunds?
The following bottle refund return rates are available at our bottle recycling facility:
10 cents for bottles/containers below 1 liter
25 cents for bottles/containers above 1 liter

Is it possible for me to skip the line at the depot?
Of course! Save time by using our presort express line. Also, visit Walden bottle recycling depot in Calgary if you have pre-sorted containers. We serve the communities of SE and SW Calgary.

What are your working hours?
Walden bottle depot Calgary is open from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm seven days a week.