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Bottle Pick-up Service in Calgary

Give us a Chance to Address your Recycling Needs

Give us a Chance to Address your Recycling Needs

Does your company or organization need to recycle bottles in the Calgary area? Walden Bottle Depot in Calgary offers free commercial bottle collection, saving you time and money. We can assist you in disposing of your weekly plastic bottles and containers or cleaning up after a large office party. You don’t have to worry about our bottle depot’s operating hours. We collect recyclables from various local food businesses, institutions, and organizations. Rather than adding waste to our landfills, you benefit the Alberta economy and environment by using our recycling services. All you have to do now is separate your recyclables from the rest of your garbage:

Walden Bottle Depot Offers Free Pick-Up Service for Recycling!

You can acquire a lot of recyclable material in a week if running a restaurant, institution, or organization. If your firm has vending machines, cans and bottles can also accumulate. Instead of tossing them in the garbage, call Walden Bottle Depot for free pick-up services. We will come to you and collect your recyclables.

We collect recyclable containers from the following businesses/organizations in Calgary and the surrounding areas:

Do you have a Large Load? No Problem

We have the trucks and equipment to pick up large quantities of recyclables that can’t fit in your car for free. Contact our bottle return depot for a bulk pick-up of your recyclables.

There's no need to hunt for a bottle depot that's open near you.

Call Walden Bottle Depot, and we'll come to your location to pick-up your recyclable containers for free.