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Enjoy Bottle Express Service for Your Pre-Sorted Containers

Why throw your recyclable containers in the trash when you can earn cash through bottle deposits. Visit our bottle return depot, and we will make your refunds easier for you.

Faster Bottle Recycling in Calgary with Pre-Sorting

Faster Bottle Recycling in Calgary with Pre-Sorting

Do you have empty bottles piled up in your garage?

Are you looking for a complete refund from the bottle deposit without wasting your precious time?

Visit us at Walden Bottle Depot and leave with a pocket full of cash.

You don’t even need to pre-sort your recyclable containers. We will do it for you, but if you can take an extra step and do the pre-sorting, you will also be helping yourself and your bottle return depot.

Don’t Procrastinate; Use our Express Line!

Bottle recycling is beneficial for the environment, and we are making it easier with our express line. All you have to do is pre-sort your recyclable containers, use our express line and leave with a full refund.

No questions asked!

Call 403-930-6761 or visit us today!