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Schedule your Fundraising Drives in Calgary with Walden Bottle Depot

Bottle Drives Calgary

Bottle Drives in Calgary

Our friendly staff at Walden Bottle Depot will help you plan a bottle drive for your sports team, community association, children’s group, school, or non-profit organization in the Calgary area. The Alberta Bottle Depot Association and the Beverage Container Management Board can provide information on the various values of our containers.

We can assist you with two sorts of bottle drives:

Bottle Drives Sorted by Us:

We can handle the sorting for you and give you more time to do collections, allowing you to focus on raising more funds.

Bottle Drives Sorted by You

We can also arrange bottle drives for you to sort and deliver all recyclables. To learn more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Free Truck Services For Bottle Pick Up in Calgary

After your bottle drive is over, you must look for the nearest bottle depot. Walden Bottle Depot welcomes you to bring your collection. You are also invited to use our cargo truck at no charge. We will gladly assist you if you believe your bottle drive will gather more bottles than your available cars can transport. Our trucks will arrive at your collection place to transport the recyclables to our recycling facility. We can provide vehicles that can handle loads up to 5 tons or a more standard 1-tonne truck.

How Does Walden Bottle Depot's Bottle Drive Work?

The measures you should consider taking to achieve a successful bottle drive are listed below:

Step 1: Make a plan.

Please complete the following form to plan your bottle drive:

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MM slash DD slash YYYY

Step 2: Make an announcement.

Use social media and other channels to notify residents of the date and time of your bottle drive.

Step 3: Collect the Bottles

Before the bottle drive:

  1. Make sure you and your volunteers are ready.
  2. Determine how many volunteers and vehicles your organization has available to assist you. You can leave one or two persons at a drop-off spot and divide the rest, depending on the number of volunteers.
  3. Make sure your routes are planned ahead of time and that you have a map to guide you.

Once everything is set up, go door to door collecting bottles. At the single drop-off area, where everyone will congregate at the finish, our utility trailer/cube van will be parked and waiting.

Step 4: Get your money back.

Please call us once the drive is finished. We will pick up the utility trailer/cube van. We’ll assist you in counting and sorting the containers you’ve collected. We’ll give you a thorough receipt after we’ve finished counting.

Please note that we will email your bottle drive totals to you after completing our counting procedure within a few days.

Cans For Kids

An incredibly convenient service is where your containers are recycled at our bottle return depot, and the proceeds are donated to your chosen charity.

Raise Money With Walden Bottle Drives in Calgary

If you’re looking to raise money in Calgary, organizing a bottle drive can be a great way to do it. you can raise money for your cause while also promoting bottle recycling depot and sustainability in your community.

You can raise money for your school or a charity with a bottle return depot!
For further information, please call 403-930-6761 or contact Walden Bottle Depot.