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Bottle Deposits in Calgary

Bottle deposits Calgary at walden bottle depot

Why throw your recyclable containers in the trash when you can earn cash through bottle deposits. Visit our bottle return depot, and we will make your refunds easier for you.

What does a Bottle Deposit Mean?

As per Alberta’s laws, every recyclable bottle is subject to a deposit amount that can be fully refunded when dropping your empty containers at Calgary return-it bottle depots. At Walden Bottle Depot, we offer a full refund on your recyclable containers; no questions asked!

Bottle Deposits at our Bottle Return Depot In Calgary

1 Litre and less: 10 Cents (Dime)

Over 1 Litre: 25 Cents (Quarter)

Bottle deposits are an effective way to reduce waste and promote recycling. By adding a deposit to beverage containers, consumers are incentivized to return their empties for recycling, rather than throwing them in the trash. This helps reduce waste and ensures that the materials are properly recycled, rather than ending up in landfills.

What are the benefits of Bottle Deposits?

You would love some extra cash by the end of this month, right? The easiest way to make it possible is to dump your recyclable containers at our bottle return depot in Calgary. You can also pre-sort your containers, but that is not absolutely necessary. We can do it for you. Using our express line is an advantage for those who want to save time by bringing pre-sorted containers. Our Calgary bottle depot asks for no additional cost on your bottle deposits because we are passionate about environmental preservation.

Recyclable Containers Accepted at Walden Bottle Depot

Some Tips to Make Bottle Deposits Easier

We are your friends at Walden Bottle Depot, and we will go to great lengths to support you with environmental preservation through recycling. Following are a few tips to make bottle deposits a breeze:

1. Rinsing your recyclable containers

It may seem like an additional task initially, but you will feel proud of yourself afterward. Rotten and worn-out containers are not acceptable at bottle return depots. The best way to preserve your containers in good shape is to rinse them thoroughly before storing them. It will prevent bacterial growth inside your containers, and there will be fewer possibilities of foul odours.

2. Keep it Tidy

Don’t crush your recyclable containers, or you may get no refund. You may also need to remove plastic rings and carton boxes before dumping your recyclable containers through the express line. Our team at Walden Bottle Depot can do the sorting, but if you can spend a few extra minutes tidying up your containers, it will help us a lot.

3. Pre-sorting can be Helpful.

You don’t need to pre-sort your container when visiting Walden Bottle Depot. We are trying our best to keep recycling a steady step for Albertans. However, we would appreciate it if you did the pre-sorting by showing a good sense of public responsibility. It will not only make recycling speedy for us, but you will also save considerable time while asking for quick refunds.

Bottle Deposits Were Never that Easy!

Walden Bottle Depot understands the struggles that many people face when it comes to bottle deposits. It can be a frustrating and time-consuming task, but we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be. With our innovative system, bottle deposits are easier than ever before.

The Calgary SE/SW community is always passionate about bottle recycling, and Walden Bottle Depot is here to play its part. Get in touch with us and enjoy a full refund on bottle deposits!