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Why Do You Need To Trust Walden Bottle Depot in Calgary?

About - Walden Bottle Depot Calgary

Fast and Efficient Bottle Depot Near You

Walden Bottle Depot is known for its fast and efficient bottle pickup service in the Calgary area. Clients frequently choose us based on our experience — we’ve been in business since 1992! We promote free bottle and container recycling for hotels, restaurants, bars and pubs, schools, hospitals, and other enterprises. Contact us now and learn about our free commercial bottle pickup services in the Calgary area.

Fully Functional and Automated Bottle Depot in Calgary

At Walden Bottle Depot, we offer a full refund on all bottles, cans, and milk containers.

Then, using our automated system, we’ll sort and count them for you. We’re also known as the bottle drive experts, with onsite and off-site bottle drives available. If you need a bottle collection service for your fundraising, we can help!

How To Contact Us

If you have any questions about the containers we accept or how to get your bottle drive underway, call 403-930-6761 or contact us. We're looking forward to speaking with you!
Alberta Beverage container bottle recycling depot corporation

The Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation (ABCRC) connects enterprises with recycling service providers. In collaboration with municipalities and non-profit organizations, the ABCRC organizes Alberta’s used beverage containers’ collection, transportation, and recycling.

Alberta bottle depot association Calgary

The Alberta Bottle Depot Association is working hard to develop technology that will assist bottle depots in becoming more productive as “green centers” in Alberta. The Depots of Alberta is a computerized network of 218 collection sites in Alberta.

Beverage Container Management Board

The non-profit Beverage Container Management Board is in charge of collecting and recycling beverage containers throughout Alberta, ensuring a convenient and cost-effective system.

Walden Bottle Depot is delighted to donate to projects that we believe are worthy of our help. We aid those in need by donating to three non-profit organizations. We would be glad to assist you in donating your bottle refund to these worthy organizations.

Alberta cans and return it bottle depot for kids
Diabetes bottle depot Calgary
The bottle depot Calgary food bank